What sets us apart?

Having done the hike up the hill, we believe we have seen the rocky terrains and the greener pastures, and have now carved an exclusive trail for ourselves. Not blind to the pain points an organisation has, we understand and provide customised services that target specific finance functions, including consulting on significant operational efficiency decisions. Periodic reporting of quality information to stakeholders and improving governance functions, while maintaining a high decorum of financial discipline are some of the badges that we hold on to with pride.

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  • An end-to-end coverage of the finance function, that cogently works with the business operations and KMPs
  • Dedicated focus on Compliance and its related functions
  • An enhancement in the quality of reporting in relevance to standards in place, and adherence to governance regulations
  • To be a strategic associate in critical financial decisions, that come with years of expertise in handling extraneous circumstances and situations
  • An affordable team with years of expertise, who are adept at interpreting results of the MIS and other analytic barometers.
  • A large network of elite handpicked vendors, for coordination among various aspects of the business functions.


A few years ago we were struggling. We had issues with cashflow, compliances, and international money management. We had tried a number of small firms and individuals to handle these issues but the problems were making it hard to do our consulting and training work. Things were complicated and dire. We then put our financial operations in the hands of the Newgen CFO services. We got advanced CFO-level strategy. But we also got a holistic financial support operation. This has provided a business foundation that let us focus on our core business delivery. And today, we have our organization running successfully and smoothly. I know the Newgen CFO framework handles all the complexities and it has taken the worry out of business operations.

Eric M. Schaffer PhD CUA CXA CPE

Founder - CEO - Head of HFI Laboratories

Human Factors International Inc.

"It has been a privilege for us to partner with the CFO team from Newgen since 2018. We really appreciate the professional service and advice we get from Senthil and his team. They have been managing our accounts, payroll, taxes and compliances efficiently and accurately. They are always available and extremely helpful in assisting us with our strategic business planning. I would have no hesitation in recommending them."


Country Manager

Brandmuscle India

Heading a global design consulting organisation is what I enjoy doing, since I am a professional designer. However, the role also implied dealing with the financial aspects of the operations. This was a major challenge till we outsourced our financial and legal operations to Newgen CFO services. Not only has Newgen CFO services enabled us to instil a robust financial management and compliance framework but has also made available diverse and top quality advisors at all times. Newgen CFO services has therefore allowed me the freedom to focus on thought leadership and growth of the design consulting business, while feeling very confident that no financial or legal issue will slip through the cracks.

Apala Lahiri ABD MSc CUA CXA

Co Founder, HFI APAC and Chief of Technical Staff

CEO, Institute of Customer Experience (ICE)

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